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TSID 2002


Melanie Bell

Ms. Bell describes her life as immersed in the Deaf Community.  Married to a Deaf man since 1981, she has served on the staff of the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf, has been actively involved in several churches as an interpreter/teacher/coordinator for Deaf ministries.  She currently interprets in the high school setting.  She is also the booking manager for Mark Mitchum as well as his co-presenter/interpreter for interpreting workshops.

Jackie Bruce

Jackie Bruce has a Deaf aunt and has been involved in the field for the past 19 years. She obtained her BA from Texas Christian University in Deaf Education (1985). After teaching in a deaf education program in Dallas for five years, she enrolled in the interpreter training program at Gallaudet University, where she obtained her MA (1993). Ms. Bruce has also been the Coordinator of Bishop ASL/ITP Program in Mobile, Alabama. She is a mentor, consultant, presenter, interpreter, interpreter trainer, educator, and a Christian. She holds interpreting certificates from Texas BEI, RID, NAD, and the state of Alabama. Presently, Ms. Bruce is enrolled in the Deaf Studies/Deaf Education doctoral program at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She is a member of her local, state, and national chapters of RID, NAOBI, NBDA, TAIR, and ACEDHH.

Ritchie Bryant

Ritchie Bryant is culturally Deaf and a native ASL user. He has a BA in ASL studies from Gallaudet University and a MS in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College. He is currently working as Sign Language specialist at Pennsylvania for the Deaf in Philadelphia. Additionally, he works as a part-time adjunct professor in the ASL program at the University of Pennsylvania. He has presented workshops and seminars ranging from ASL issues to ASL mentoring. For the past five years, he has taught various levels of ASL courses in community colleges.

Cindy Camp

Ms. Camp holds a master’s degree in English and has ten years interpreting experience.  She is currently the Disability Specialist in Deafness at Jacksonville State University in Alabama.  She also serves as an adjunct instructor in English, Outreach and Technical Assistance Specialist for the PEC (Postsecondary Education Consortium) in Alabama, and Depository Manager for the JSU Postsecondary Captioned Media Library.

Angela Earhart

Angela Earhart is currently a fourth-year medical student at the University of Texas-Houston and will be receiving her MD in June. She plans on doing obstetrics and gynecology for her residency training. Deaf since birth, Angela has always sought to be a bridge between the hearing and deaf communities. Angela was Miss Deaf Iowa 1993-1995. She taught introductory ASL courses while a student at Duke University, where she received a BS in biology. She has spoken at schools and conferences to encourage young Deaf to pursue high goals. As a medical doctor, she hopes to educate the medical community to become more sensitive to Deaf patients. Additionally, she wants to reach out to the Deaf and interpreters for the Deaf and educate them about issues in medicine.

Jan Humphrey

Jan grew up in Amarillo, Texas and worked as an interpreter and interpreter educator in Texas, Kansas, and California prior to moving to British Columbia in 1991 where she is the coordinator of the interpreting program at Douglas College.  She learned ASL through interaction with members of the Deaf community and has more the 35 years of experience interpreting in a variety of settings.  She currently specializes as an interpreter in medical and mental health settings. She is currently completing a PhD in psychology counseling.  Jan earned a doctorate degree from BYU in Education and Curriculum where she studied the characteristics of certified Sign Language interpreters, including brain dominance (1988).  She has held numerous positions with professional interpreter and interpreter education organizations.  Jan is an internationally renowned presenter.  Her first book, Miss Lillian, a biography about long-time Texas interpreter Lillian Beard, was written with Jerry Seale in 1977.  She is the co-author of the popular text, So You Want to Be an Interpreter?  Her most recent book, Decisions? Decisions! Is a practical guide on ethics and professionalism for Sign Language professionals.  For more information, check out her website:

Susan Jackson

Ms. Jackson is the Artistic Director for Illuminations: Theatre with the Deaf in Houston and Project Director for OPTICA (Our Path Together Initiating Cultural Access).  Prior to 1999, she worked for National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD).  She has 35 years experience in the performing arts:  stage, television, and film.  She has toured internationally with NTD and individually.  She is one of only five Deaf Artistic Directors in the country and the only female of those five.  Ms. Jackson insists on setting the standards for theatrical interpreting at a high level, requiring that all scripts be fully translated into ASL.  Her performance of Wit at the Alley Theatre was so stellar that it led to her presenting a workshop for the Texas Council of the Arts.  In addition to her work directing theatrical interpreting, she has also directed shadow performances at the University of Houston’s Children’s Theatre Festival and at North Harris College.

Lucy James

Lucy James is a certified interpreter working in the Corpus Christi area since 1986. She also teaches as adjunct faculty in the Del Mar College Interpreter for the Deaf Program. She has served her local chapter, Corpus Christi Interpreters for the Deaf, as President, Program Chairperson, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian. She has served on the Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID) Executive Board since 1990 in the positions of President, Vice President, First Vice President, Secretary, and currently as Past President. She also currently serves as Secretary for Region IV of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Ray James

Ray is currently an Interpreter Educator and the OSEP Project Coordinator at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  He has served on several RID committees, including the Professional Development Committee.  He received the RID Distinguished Service Award for Exemplary Service to the Interpreting Profession in 1999.

Theresa Johnson

Ms Johnson is currently the PEC Outreach Specialist for Texas and a Counselor at North Harris College.  She serves on a number of Boards and committees.  Most notable, she is currently the President-Elect of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA) and a Board member of the Texas School for the Deaf.  From 1996-2000, she served as Director of the Southwest Center for the Hearing Impaired (MFRS).  She has authored a number of articles focusing on deafness and program management issues.  She is a guest lecturer for San Diego State University and North Harris College and is frequently invited to speak to a variety of groups across the country.

Brian Kilpatrick

Mr. Kilpatrick has given numerous workshops on ASL Linguistics, American Deaf Culture, Deaf Studies, Sign Language Theatre, ASL Storytelling, and the ADA as Related to Deaf Rights and Cultural Issues.  He is the lead instructor for the Interpreter Training Program at Houston Community College.  He is a professional actor and is currently involved with numerous sign language productions in the Houston area.  Additionally, he serves on the Advisory Committee of the Texas Assessment Sign Communication-American Sign Language (TADC-ASL) for the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  He is currently completing his doctoral work in Deaf Studies/Education at Lamar University.

Carla Mathers

Esquire, CSC, SC:L (2000), Court Interpreter Certified in Texas
Ms. Mathers is an attorney for a civil litigation firm with offices in Baltimore and College Park, Maryland and is licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  She graduated magna cum laude from Howard University School of Law in 1993.  She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Maryland (1985) and holds an interpreting degree from the College of Southern Idaho (1981).  She had extensive interpreting experience in Washington, D.C. prior to becoming an attorney.

Lauri Metcalf

Lauri grew up in Denver, Colorado, the oldest child of Deaf parents.  She is a graduate of Colorado State University and attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado majoring in Deaf Education.  She has taught at the University of Denver, Metropolitan State University, Texas Women’s University, and DeKalb College before coming to San Antonio College where she is the Chair of the Department of American Sign Language and Interpreter Training.  She currently serves as Chair for the Texas Board for Evaluation of Interpreters and is involved with the State Mentoring Program.

Mark Mitchum

Mr. Mitchum has developed what he terms “Sign Art” which he uses to interpret music.  He presents music interpreting workshops around the country and performs his interpretations in concert.  He has served as a consultant to Deaf ministries, music minister, choir director, and was a founding member of DOOR (Deaf Opportunity OutReach) and Silent Touch.  He has been featured in concert with Bill Gaither, as well.  His organization is called Heartland Ministries, Inc.  He has released several performance videos as well as videos designed to assist in developing Deaf ministries.

Bill Moody

Bill Moody started learning ASL and interpreting in 1964 with Lillian Beard here in Houston. He has a BA in theater from Trinity University and an MFA in theater from the Goodman School of Theater in Chicago. He directed for the Chicago Theater of the Deaf before moving to Paris in 1977. From 1977-1983, he interpreted for the International Visual Theatre (IVT) in Paris, including interpreting in French Sign Language for press conferences, training Deaf actors to become sign language teachers, and writing the first comprehensive book on the history and grammar of French Sign Language (La Langue des Signes: Entre les Mains des Sourds), published in 1983. Since 1984, he has been interpreting in New York. In addition to working half time for the NYC Board of Education, he has a private practice. A specialist in International Sign, he has interpreted for the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and other international organizations in 16 different countries over the past 25 years. His article on International Sign will appear in the 2002 RID Journal of Interpretation.

Johann Paoletti-Schelp

Johann Paoletti-Schelp is co-owner of Sign Enhancers, Inc. and P-S Squared, Inc., a sign language interpreter referral agency in Portland, Oregon.  Being born into a predominantly Deaf family, he received his CSC from RID in 1975 and has been collecting sign language interpreter certifications ever since.  Interpreter education is a main interest of his and to that end, he has taught in an interpreter training program, is a frequent presenter of workshops, and is the co-founder and primary mentor of an internship program sponsored by P-S Squared, Inc., which assists graduates of interpreter training programs to develop the interpreting skills necessary to become certified.  He is presently serving as President of Oregon RID and as the President of the Court Interpreters Association of Oregon (CIAO), an affiliation of certified legal interpreters of both spoken languages and sign language.

Tim Rarus

Tim Rarus, CSD Chief Interpreting Officer/Vice President for Interpreting Division, began his career in 1989 by working for U.S. Senator John McCain in Washington, DC, after receiving a BA in Government from Gallaudet University. After relocating to Overland Park, Kansas, Tim became the Assistant Director of Gallaudet University Regional Center to the midwestern region. In 1994, Tim relocated to Austin, Texas, to become the Executive Director of Vaughn House, Inc. In 1997, Tim began working for CSD in Austin, focusing his efforts on interpreting and captioning issues in the Austin area. From the beginning, he has played a key role in the development of CSD's Video Interpreting department. Tim and his family relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota last October.

Kent Roberts

Kent Roberts is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology with six years experience as a School Psychologist working with Special Education. He has conducted numerous training sessions for special education teachers. In addition to knowing the school perspective on special education issues, he also understands the perspective of the interpreter, since he holds TCDHH certification, as well.

Martha Scribner

Martha "Marfy" Scribner is Deaf and the daughter of Deaf parents. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Gallaudet and earned her Master's in Deafnes and Rehabilitation from New York University. Marfy is currently an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) counselor with Houston Community College. She has been teaching American Sign Language I, II, III, and IV, Deaf Culture, and Fingerspelling since 1986. In the past, Marfy has taught sign language to hearing parents of Deaf and speech-impaired children with the Early Intervention Program, Human Resources employers in the New York area, and the Houston Police Department.

Candace Sexton

Candace G. Sexton was born and raised in Illinois and attended the Illinois School for the Deaf. She earned her BS in Physical Education from Gallaudet University in 1992 and was awarded her MA in Bilingual and Bicultural Studies: English as a Second Language from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1999. She has extensive experience teaching English as a Second Language and American Sign Language. She is currently a full-time ASL instructor for the Interpreter Training Program at North Harris College in Houston.

Linda K. Stauffer

Linda Stauffer is an Assistant Professor and Project Coordinator for the RSA Region VI Interpreter Education Project at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  She has been with the Interpreter Education Program since January 1986.  She received her BS in Deaf Education and her M.Ed. in deafness rehabilitation with an emphasis on independent living skills.  Publications include articles on visualization.  She is also author of numerous university course and workshop curricula for interpreter educators.  Ms. Stauffer teaches an Advanced Transliteration course and conducts interpreter workshops across the country on a regular basis.  She served on the RID Board of Directors as the Region IV Representation. She has also served on the Board of Directors of both the Arkansas chapter of RID (ARID) and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT).  She is the 1992 recipient of the Mary Stotler Award presented jointly by the RID and CIT.  Additionally, she was awarded the 1994 UALR College of Education’s Faculty Excellence Award for Public Service.

Holly Warren-Norman

Holly Warren-Norman is an educational specialist/consultant for Region XIII Education Service Center in Austin, Texas. She has been with the Region XIII Regional Day School Program for the Deaf since September 1995. Ms. Warren-Norman received her BS in Deaf Education from Texas Christian University and is currently taking graduate extension courses in teaching interpreting from Gallaudet University. She has conducted numerous interpreter workshops and has been interpreting for 26 years. Ms. Warren-Norman serves on the Texas Board for Evaluation of Interpreters.

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