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Adam Bartley


Adam Bartley is currently a Staff Interpreter II with Gallaudet Interpreting Services, and holds RID CI/CT, RID SC:L, Texas Level IV, and Texas Court Interpreter Certification.. He has been interpreting professionally for 16 years in educational, legal, law enforcement, medical, theatrical, and video-relay settings. Adam has been the primary coordinator for emergency interpreting services at Gallaudet University for the last two years, and serves as a Lead Interpreter for Law Enforcement services there. He is a trained mentor with Gallaudet Interpreting Services, and has presented his “Drug Language” workshop with Mr. Steven Kimble several times at Gallaudet University. He was also facilitator/presenter for a one year legal interpreters study group in Austin TX.

Alaina Webb

BEI Masters/IV/Court

Alaina Webb holds three Texas BEI certificates: Masters, Level IV, and Court, and has over eighteen years interpreting experience, including settings such as legal, mental health, medical, educational, conference, and video relay. She has taught interpreting and ASL at Tarrant County College’s Interpreting for the Deaf Program in Fort Worth, Texas and Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, and coordinated the practicum program for the interpreting program in Fort Worth. Alaina is currently the Manager/Trainer for Sorenson’s DFW center, and has been enjoying the opportunity to train and mentor new video interpreters. She has worked for over fifteen years as a mentor to numerous interpreters, and enjoys the challenge and satisfaction that can be found in helping newer interpreters gain the experience and confidence they need to help them strengthen not only their own skills, but also the interpreting profession in general. This will be the third workshop Alaina has had the privilege of presenting with her friend and peer, Kelly Bothel.

Amanda David

Amanda David is a native of southwest Louisiana. She graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA, and attended the Interpreter Training Program at Collin County Community College in Plano, TX. Amanda was a participant in the Visiting Interpreter Program sponsored by Gallaudet Interpreting Service. She is certified on both State and National levels.

Amber Galloway


Amber Galloway currently resides in Houston, Texas. She had spent the earlier part her interpreting career as a community interpreter in San Antonio, Texas . She graduated from San Antonio College with an A.A.S. degree in Interpreting for the Deaf. She is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology. She works as a staff Interpreter for Communication Axess Ability Group as a community interpreter as well as a CSDVRS video relay interpreter. She also is an adjunct faculty for Cy-fair Community College where she teaches interpreting classes. Currently, she is certified R.I.D. CI and CT, R.I.D. and N.A.D NIC, Texas B.E.I. Level V and Texas B.E.I. Oral Certified: Comprehensive.

Ami Hyten

Ami Hyten is a licensed attorney and the assistant executive director of the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center (TILRC), a disability advocacy and human rights organization in Kansas. Prior to rejoining the disability rights movement at TILRC five years ago, Ami was a trial lawyer representing plaintiffs in civil and administrative matters, and spent several years as legislative counsel for the Kansas Supreme Court’s Office of Judicial Administration. Ami has provided presentations about court operations and procedures to groups ranging from court administrators to young attorneys.

Amie Seiberlich


Amie’s passion for leadership in the field of interpreting began in 1993. As President of a student chapter of Colorado RID, she began to develop the understanding that positive change is born not of being constrained by our past, but by dreaming - without limit – of our desired future. Since that time, Amie has continued to explore and create her own leadership dream through her work as Past President of the Colorado RID and Founder of the Leadership Institute: for Interpreters. Amie has facilitated leadership retreats across the country as well as presented nationally on a variety of leadership topics. Amie is the 2006 recipient of the “Spirit of Region IV Award” for her leadership training efforts within the Region, and wrote her Master’s Thesis on local and state affiliate leadership in RID. Amie holds a MA degree in Communication from the University of Denver, a BA degree in Journalism from Marquette University and an AA degree in Sign Language Interpreting from Front Range Community College

Angela Earhart


Angela Earhart has been deaf since birth and obtained her medical degree from University of Texas, Houston. She finished residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2006 at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. Currently, she is a second-year Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. Angela has utilized sign language interpreters throughout her entire academic training for conferences, patient care in the hospital and clinical setting and interaction with medical providers in multiple disciplines. She enjoys the challenge of learning along with her interpreters and developing conceptually-correct signs for complex medical terminology.

Angela Roth

Angela Roth is nationally recognized Hispanic leader, presenter, educator, and entrepreneur representing wide range of multicultural concerns in her many roles with the Sign Language interpreting community. Her involvemnent as Team Leader for the Hispanic sector of the National Multicultural Interpreting Project (NMIP) as well as her experience on the RID as National Certification Chair, NAD-RID Task Force, and President of Mano a Mano among other areas of expertise provides her a strong base of experience to share with colleagues.

Ben Hall


Ben began his professional interpreting career in 1975 and obtained national RID certification in 1980. Over the past 30 years, Ben freelanced, taught for 11 years at Columbus State Community College’s Interpreter Training, and coordinated interpreters for the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission for 16 years. Prior to joining Hallenross and Associated in 2006, Ben served as the national Director for Interpreter Relations with the Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He served 13 years on the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Board of Director, five years as Region III Representative, four years as Vice-President, and four years as President. He is a current member of the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE), an independent entity formed by the joint efforts of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) and Association of Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) to implement and regulate accreditation standards for collegiate interpreter programs. Ben also served as a member of the national RID – NAD National Council on Interpreting (NCI) which developed the new NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and new joint Code of Professional Standards. Ben is a member of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Rules & Policy Subcommittee charged with developing standards, policies and procedures affecting all language interpreters in Ohio.

Billy D. Collins, Jr.

M.S., RID CSC/SC:L, BEI Master/Court

Billy has worked in the field of deafness and management for both the state and in the private sector for over 20 years. He has been instrumental is getting legislation passed in the state of Texas in the areas of interpreting and services for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. He was a founder for the Interpreters with Deaf Parents special interest group for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf as was instrumental in the establishment of the Telecommunications Equipment Distributions Programs Association. He was a trainer with the National Interpreter Training Consortium and a graduate of University of Arizona with a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with the Deaf. He served on the panel of experts in developing the new Texas BEI Certification testing system. He has also attended specialized training at San Diego State University in deafness and rehabilitation and at Gallaudet University in interpreting and interpreter training. He currently is working as a freelance interpreter in the Austin Texas area.

Brian Kilpatrick


Brian Kilpatrick is a Professor in Interpreter Training Program of Lone Star College – North Harris, Houston, Texas. Mr. Kilpatrick holds a level IV –I and Certified Court Interpreter in Texas and an RID Certified Deaf Interpreter (RSC). Mr. Kilpatrick holds an ASLTA Professional Certification. His education and training include an MA in Deaf education from Western Maryland (McDaniel) College, with extensive studies with National Theatre of the Deaf. He is professional actor and theatrical consultant. Mr. Kilpatrick was a co-founder of Fairmont Theatre of the Deaf in Cleveland, Ohio (now known as Cleveland SignStage) and co-founder of Illuminations arts. Mr. Kilpatrick has appeared on stage in Texas at Texas Opera Theater, Stages, A.D. Players, University of Houston’ Children Theater Festival, Houston Community College Theatre Department, Express Theatre, the Alley Theatre and with Illuminations Arts. He serves on the Advisory Committee of the Texas Assessment Sign Communications – American Sign Language (TASC-ASL) and TExES for the State board of Educator Certification (SBEC). Mr. Kilpatirck has many years of experience leading workshops on a varying array of topics. Past workshops include Artistic Drama, ASL linguistics, Are you culturally fit in Deaf Culture, Supplement Your Signs with Gestures and How to Incorporate ASL and DEAF literature into the Teacher Preparation Curriculum in Deaf Education or ITP.

Buck Rogers


Buck Rogers Born Deaf to a Spaniard in a large family using ASL, Spanish and English. Attended a high school where Deaf students were required to take Spanish. French and Mathematics major at Gallaudet University. Took a Swedish Sign Language course at Gallaudet. Masters degree in French and Spanish at George Mason University plus 30 hours of doctoral studies at University of Maryland, concentrating in Spanish and French literature and as a second language. Taught written French and Spanish at Gallaudet University for eleven years. Two internship at a Parisian regional institute for the Deaf. 240 hours of French Sign Language (LSF) linguistics, language and culture at Académie de la Langue des Signes Française, a Deaf-run academy in Paris. 40 hours of Lengua de Signos Española (LSE) in Toledo, Spain. Experience as an Interpreter for the Deaf-Blind, relay and minimal language skills interpreter and International Sign interpreter. Conducted filmed interviews over three months in Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina, using respective sign languages and translated the interviews to Spanish. Performed as a dancer in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama, and learned some Japanese and Japanese Sign Language. Resided with Deaf hosts in Japan, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

Byron Bridges

Ed.D., M.A., B.A., RID CDI

Born deaf to deaf parents and growing up with a deaf sister, Dr. Byron W. Bridges has used ASL as the primary language throughout his whole life. He attended deaf schools and public schools. Byron earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Deaf Studies at California State University of Northridge, Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Linguistics from Gallaudet University, and a doctoral degree (Ed.D) in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University. Dr.Bridges passion for ASL and deaf culture has prompted him to become heavily involved in deaf sports, deaf clubs, deaf fishing groups, and state/national deaf organizations. Byron also co-authored the book, Deaf Tend Yours. He has written video scripts and produced numerous deaf-related videotapes/DVDs. He is a nationally-known teacher and lecturer in ASL and sign language interpretation. Dr. Bridges has been in the field of ASL linguistics, interpreting and post secondary teaching of ASL as a second language for 30 years. He is a certified deaf interpreter (CDI), earning the certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Dr. Bridges currently teaches at Austin Community College in the Interpreting Preparation Program.

Candace Sexton

M.A., B.S.

Candace Sexton was born and raised in Illinois and attended Illinois School for the Deaf. A graduate of Gallaudet University Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education in 1992 and University of Texas at San Antonio Master of Art degree in Bilingual and Bicultural Studies: English as a Second Language in 1999. Have extensive experience in teaching English as a Second Language and American Sign Language. Currently a full-time American Sign Language Instructor for the Mac Murray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Carmen M. Garcia

M.A., B.A.

Carmen M. Garcia, currently a visiting professor of American Sign Language at Vassar College where she also teaches courses related to Deaf culture and has developed a Mentoring Program for community interpreters, is a fluent ASL/ English/ Spanish Tri-Lingual. Her academic training has been varied and extensive including Theatre/American Studies (undergraduate and master levels) from SUNY @ Buffalo - Summa Cum Laude, Deafness Rehabilitation (second masters) from NYU, studies in language acquisition and pedagogy from the Canadian Institute of English, Mentor Training from the RIT Interpreter Education Training Grant, Training on the Application of Educational Interpreting Outcomes to Teaching and Learning from the RIT Summer Institute. She has twenty-five years of teaching experience on the college and university level. Eight years of vocational counseling experience, five years of job coaching, job developing and job placement, eight years in interpreter training and mentoring, 5 years of Legal/Court interpreting, as well as many years of research into language acquisition and pedagogy. Mrs. Garcia has been interpreting from childhood as she was raised in a truly multi-cultural family. She was born in Puerto Rico then moved to New York as a child where she grew up between those two cultures. She also had a Deaf brother who was her best friend growing up. Mrs. Garcia is well known as an educator and mentor of interpreters as well as a consultant on Spanish culture and language acquisition. She has served as a tri-lingual interpreter at several RID national conventions as well as serving as the Latino advisor several times. She serves as a Board Member of Mano a Mano where she serves as the Northeast Region Rep and serves on the Committee for New York State Educational Interpreters (Think Tank). Carmen wrote and developed the Curriculum for Dutchess Community College for an Interpreter Training Program where she served as the Chair, for Vassar College and Sullivan Community College. She is also part of North Eastern University's Consortium of Interpreter Trainers.

Charles Trevino

B.B.A., RID CSC / O:S/V, BEI Masters/Court

Charles Trevino, BBA, holds a CSC and an O:S/V certificate from RID, as well as a Masters Certificate and a Court certificate from DARS/BEI Texas. He has presented numerous workshops on Interpreting, American Sign Language, International Signs, and Sign Language in theater. He currently works as a faculty member in the Interpreter Training Technology Program at Lone Star College – North Harris in Houston, Texas. He enjoys homemade cookies and vitamins “M&Ms”.

Cheryl Moose


RID President, Cheryl Moose, CI and CT, is a free lance interpreter residing in South Elgin, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago. She is the former Director of Interpreter Operations for CSD, where she managed Sprint video relay centers in Chicago and Washington DC as well as being the point of contact for Video Relay Service (VRS) interpreter agency negotiations and contracts. From 1991 – 2003 Cheryl managed the sign language interpreting program at Lucent Technologies, in Naperville, Illinois, where she and a staff of four interpreters coordinated and provided interpreting services for software and hardware engineers and developers working in the telecommunications research and development field. Cheryl has been involved in RID for 20+ years chairing numerous committees on the state, regional and national level, serving as Illinois RID President, RID Region III Representative and RID Secretary before being elected to her current role as the RID President. Cheryl has presented numerous workshops on a variety of topics including: “Video Interpreting”, “VRS Training”, “Interpreting in Technical Settings”, “Volunteering; Answering the Call”, “Leadership” and “Affiliate Chapter Strategic Planning”.

Chris Grooms

Dave Calvert


Dave has been an educational interpreter for 16 years as well as a performing arts ad religious interpreter. He has served as the Indiana RID president and vice president for 8 years as well as a member-at-large on the Indiana Association for the Deaf board for two years. He was active on the Board of Interpreter Standards in Indiana helping establish the first state standard for community as well as educational interpreters. His passion is improving the quality of educational interpreters helping all to work toward national certification. He and Judy Cain have established a consulting business for educational interpreters, which includes skill evaluations and skill improvement plans. Dave and his son, Corey, live in Indianapolis with his cat, Claudia.

Eileen Forestal

M.Ed., B.A., RID RSC

Eileen Forestal is now in her 29th year as Coordinator and Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies and ASL-English Interpreting Programs at Union County College in New Jersey. She holds a B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of Missouri. Her M.Ed. is from Western Maryland College in Deaf Education. She is a doctorate learner specializing in Postsecondary Education and Adult Learning at Capella University. She is a certified Deaf Interpreter who holds an RSC from Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. Eileen has a Certificate in Teaching ASL/Interpreting from University of Colorado. She completed the Master Mentor Program through Project TIEM at Northeastern University Fall 2003. She is a national consultant and trainer on ASL, ASL Culture, ASL Storytelling, Deaf Interpreting, Mentoring, and interpreting-related topics. Eileen has traveled nationwide to present workshops, as well as her one-woman shows. Eileen serves on RID’s Ethical Practices System as a mediator. She is also part of the Deaf Interpreting Work Team under Northeastern Interpreter Education Center. Her chapter on the research, “The Emerging Professionals: Deaf Interpreters and Their Views and Experiences on Training” was published in Interpreting and Interpreter Education: Directions for Research and Practice by Oxford University February 2005. She has presented numerous workshops on Deaf interpreting and Deaf-Hearing team interpreting nation-wide.

Emily Anderson

M.A., B.A., A.A., BEI III

Emily’s academic background includes an associate’s degree in Sign Language Interpretation from Austin Community College, a bachelor’s degree focusing on English, Sociology and Communication Disorders and a master’s degree in deaf studies from Lamar University. She holds Level III interpreter certification from TCDHH-BEI as well as professional interpreter memberships at state and national levels. As a professional interpreter she primarily works in educational and video relay settings. Emily is an associate professor at Austin Community College and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Deaf Studies.

Gina Gonzalez

BEI IV, Trilingual

Gina has been a certified interpreter for over 14 years which includes extensive experience with Trilingual interpreting. Over the 14 years, Gina has gained much understanding and knowledge of trilingual interpreting through interpreting in a variety of settings. In 2005, she completed a trilingual mentorship training program under the guidance of Sam Serna through the University of Southern Maine. Her passion centers on quality of interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing individuals of all communities especially in a video relay setting; however she is currently centering her focus on the Latino/Hispanic communities to ensure more effective communication access via trilingual interpreting. Gina has extensive knowledge and skills in video relay interpreting, trilingual interpreting, and ASL production. She is currently working on a service delivery model in a VRS setting titled: “Caller-Pattern Recognition”. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, she proudly boasts that her ASL/trilingual strengths are in part due to the regionalisms of the Rio Grande Valley, fondly termed by Marty Price of South Carolina as “Tex-Mex sign language” (TMSL).

Glenace Humphrey

Gordon Vernon


Gordon Vernon is the Director of Staff Development at Sign Language Associates, Inc. (SLA) and manages SLA's nationally renowned Mentorship Program. As an SLA Senior Staff interpreter, Gordon specializes in performing arts, technical, emergency medical, scientific, video remote and video relay interpreting. Gordon served as a Mentor in the SLA Mentorship Program upon joining staff in 1995. He now oversees a team of mentors who welcome several new interpreters each session. Those interpreters are selected based on skill, demeanor, and potential from recent graduates of Interpreter Training Programs and interpreters currently working in the community and educational settings. Gordon currently serves on the RID Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee and is the Immediate Past President of the Potomac Chapter of RID (PCRID) serving the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Gordon served on the PCRID Board of Directors in various positions from 1996 - 2005 and served as Vice President of the Alabama Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf from 1993-1994.

Helen Faith Jones

M.A., RID NIC-Advanced

HELEN FAITH (Shiemke) JONES, a native of Northern Michigan received her BA from Madonna University (1984) in Sign Language Studies. Nationally certified in 1987 she worked in education, theatre and did community based interpreting in the greater Detroit area. In 1989 moved to Ohio and in 1992 established a 24 hour for profit referral and consultant service on Deafness. After 5 years of service she stepped down and out of the field of interpreting to coordinate a statewide substance abuse (SA) program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Michigan. She served as Chair of The Michigan Coalition’s Committee on SA. She earned her MA in Organizational Management from Spring Arbor University (2004). In 2006 Jones reentered the interpreting arena, received her NIC-Advanced and now works part time for Sorenson Communications. On a personal note Helen married an old college friend and “AbracaDEAFra- the magic began! She and her magician husband, “The Great Bobini” perform internationally bringing the joy of magic to young and old. They boast an adopted son, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.

Holly Mikkelson

Holly Mikkelson is Associate Professor of Translation and Interpretation at the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies. She is certified as a translator (S>E, E>S) by the American Translators Association, and is certified as an interpreter in the state and federal courts. Professor Mikkelson has taught translation and interpreting for over 30 years. She is the author of the Acebo interpreter training manuals as well as numerous articles on translation and interpretation. She has presented lectures, seminars and workshops to interpreters and translators throughout the world.

Jana Bielfeldt

M.A., B.S., BEI III-intermediary

Jana Bielfeldt, ASL Instructor at Lone Star College - Cy Fair in Cypress, Texas near Houston for 3 years including Adjunct Faculty and full time ASL Instructor. Jana grew up in Houston. Previous moving back to Houston from San Antonio, Jana graduated Lamar University Dec 2004 with Master’s Degree in Deaf Education/Deaf Studies and BS from Gallaudet University in 1990. Before to Lamar, Jana taught ASL courses at San Antonio College for several years. Jana has 10 years of teaching experience. Currently, Jana holds BEI Intermediary Level III interpreter. She worked for Methodist Mission Home: Southwest Center for the Hearing Impaired teaching Life Skills before working for San Antonio College.

Jean Kelly


Jean Kelly has been a community and educational interpreter since 1974 and an interpreter trainer since 1987. A member of CIT, Conference of Interpreter Trainers, and an active member of RID since 1978. From 1993-1996, she was the Area Coordinator for the RITC Mentorship Program and trained and served as a mentor. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication and a MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University. Jean has published articles, conducted workshops across the country, as well as spoken at Regional and National Conventions.

Jeremiah Sammons

B.A., M.B.A.

While not an interpreter, Jeremiah Sammons is the 2008 Student SIG Chair for TSID and an ITP Student at Houston Community College. A full-time writer/educator, Jeremiah has published plays for children, books on creative writing for educators, and travels extensively teaching advanced hair/massage/spa techniques at salons and spas around the world. Jeremiah holds a B.A. in Ancient Religions and Cultures from the University of Helsinki, an MBA in Business from Muskingum College, Instructor’s Licenses in both Cosmetology and Massage, as well as a variety of other licenses and certifications. When he completes his Associates Degree in Sign Language Interpreting, Jeremiah plans on pursuing a PhD.

Judy Cain

B.A., B.S., M.A., RID CI

Judy has been a teach of the deaf and hard of hearing for 24 years as well as a certified interpreter for 7 years. She has served as the Indiana RID president and vice president for the past 8 years. She serves on the Indiana Educational Interpreter Task Force as well as the Indiana Deaf Education Committee. Both of these groups are dedicated to improving the quality of service deaf and hard of hearing children receive in the public schools. Her passion centers on quality of interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing students in public schools. She and Dave Calvert have established a consulting business for educational interpreters which include skill evaluations and skills improvement plans. Judy and her husband, Gary, Live in Indianapolis with their dog, Rascal.

Julie Simon


Julie Simon has been an American Sign Language/English Interpreter for over 25 years and an interpreter educator for 18 years, having taught in both pre-service and in-service settings. In March 2007, Julie opened The Language Door: An Education and Resource Network for Interpreters and Translators. Prior to that, she served for over 11 years as Administrator for the Western Region (formerly Region X) Interpreter Education Center at Western Oregon University. Julie received her doctorate from the University of Arizona in Language, Reading and Culture, and her masters from Boston University in Deaf Education/ASL Studies.

Kelly Bothel


Kelly Bothel received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama from the University of North Texas in 1988. She currently holds a Texas BEI Level III Interpreting Certificate and has fourteen years of interpreting experience. Kelly has worked in a variety of interpreting settings including secondary education, medical, legal, mental health, employment, social work, theatre and video relay. She is also in her fourth year as an adjunct instructor in Tarrant County College’s Interpreting for the Deaf Program where she teaches Interpreting I, Interpreting II, Interpreting III and Sign to Voice classes. For the last nine years, Kelly has been a co-operating interpreter for interpreting students as well as a mentor to interpreters who are new to the interpreting profession. In 2007, she was chosen to be part of the Sorenson VI-P mentoring team. Kelly believes that being a mentor is a win-win situation in that she has the opportunity to help novice interpreters achieve their goals as well as broaden her own networking circle and learn from those she mentors. Previous workshops that Kelly has presented are “In the Spotlight: Theatrical Interpreting” and “The ABC’s and 123’s of the BEI Basic Exam” which she had the pleasure of co-presenting with her friend and co-worker, Alaina Webb.

Kelly Murphy


Kelly Murphy As the Irish are known as the “Kings of Cursing” (Wajnryb), Kelly Murphy has taken full advantage of her heritage, from the perspective of the interpreting profession, and made it her passion. Beginning her work midway through her studies at the College of Saint Catherine in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she hopes to make this knowledge available to interpreters throughout the United States. With the interaction of the participants in the Shareshop she plans to further the research in this field. Kelly has attained a Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting from the College of Saint Catherine, attended the first Symposium put on by Northeastern University and Dennis Cokely, been a participant in the amazing StoryBlend Project with Patty Gordon, and has been published in the RID Views. She is currently working with the Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People and as a community, private practice interpreter. In the Minnesota chapter of RID, Kelly is a member of the Public Policy Committee and MERGE.

Kimberly Stefani Kelstone


Kimberly Stefani Kelstone has been interpreting for over 15 years. She has interpreted in nearly every possible situation, professional, community, educational, theatrical, and medical. From 2002 to 2006 she was one of the primary interpreters for a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, an overwhelming, challenging and ultimately highly rewarding experience. When Kim’s not spending time with her husband and two boys, building her house near Rochester, NY, interpreting or sleeping, she is squeezing in her medical school pre-requisites. Kim thoroughly enjoys teaching and sharing her experiences for the benefit of others as well as her own growth.

Kristie Casanova de Canales


Kristie Casanova de Canales graduated from Houston Community College’s ITP in 2000. She has interpreted in both bilingual and trilingual settings for the past eight years. She has presented at national conferences on such topics as ASL-to-Spanish voice interpreting and the unique challenges and strategies involved in Spanish Video Relay Service. She currently divides her time among interpreting, working to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Communication, and trying to promote training opportunities for trilingual interpreters. A native of Ohio, she is glad for the opportunity to come back to Texas, her “home away from home”.

Leslie Dittfurth

Leslie Dittfurth has a strong and varied medical background. She is currently an Investigator with the Office of Inspector General and works in the Medicaid Provider Integrity unit. She has also worked with Home Health Care and Children’s Medicaid for Texas. She worked for the City of Austin and Austin Travis County for a combined 15 years. Her job titles were: Disease Intervention Specialist specializing in HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, a Paramedic for ten years, an Emergency Room Technician and the Shots for Tots Immunization Program. She speaks English and Spanish and is an ASL student.

Lisa Gelineau-Bridges

M.A., B.A.

Lisa began her life in both deaf and hearing worlds thanks to her deaf mother, hearing father and sisters who sign. Little did she know that her native language, American Sign Language (ASL), would become her long life dedication. Lisa Gelineau holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Texas State University. Her master’s degree in Deaf Studies/Deaf Education at Lamar University was completed in May 2006. She has taught ASL courses at several colleges before coming to Austin Community College (ACC) in 1999. At ACC, she teaches all levels of ASL courses. Having grown up and worked with countless interpreters all of her life, she knows the ASL/interpreting field well. She also has served as a deaf interpreter. Lisa is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Deaf Studies at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas.

Lynne Wiesman

M.B.A., RID CI/CT/SC:L, Master Mentor

Lynne Wiesman, Performance Consultant Credentials: MBA, CI/CT, SC:L, Master Mentor: Lynne is the founder and CEO of Signs of Development, LLC, an internationally-recognized professional development organization specializing in providing technical assistance, consultation, assessment, mentorship and training to students and educators of ASL and Sign Language interpreting, interpreters, and Deaf adults, children, and educators as well as the general public interested in ASL and interpreting. Signs is a first-to-market company developing CD Rom workshops with CEU credit called WWWorkshops which meet the needs of interpreters maintaining certification by being able to access workshops for credit at their own computer. She has taught at the Northeastern University in the Master Mentor Program for the past 3 years and currently teaches for DeVry/Keller’s Online School of Business. Her previous work experience involves the development, establishment and administration of two interpreter assessment processes (one for community interpreters and the other for educational interpreters) for the state of NC. She has also been involved in program development and consultation for small to mid-size interpreter referral agencies as well as consulting with interpreters in private practice assisting them with business practices. She has written a business practices manual for interpreters “It’s a Matter of $’s & $ense” which has an accompanying CD Rom with forms and information for interpreters. Lynne graduated from SW Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, possesses an undergraduate degree in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, was a member of the first cohort of the University of Colorado’s Master Mentor Program, completed one year of law school and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Training & Performance Improvement. Lynne has interpreter certifications/licenses from RID including SC:L, and TX including Texas Court Interpreter Certification.

Maria Ruiz-Williams


Maria Ruiz-Williams was introduced to music at a very young age via both her maternal and paternal grandmothers. As the oldest child of deaf adults (CODA) she was given ample freedom to explore her musical passion by being exposed to all genres of music. As she grew older her mother often times asked her “What are they singing about?” The idea that her mother was left out of the musical realm led Maria to explore the limitless possibilities of what Visual Music would “sound” like. Through many hours locked up in her bedroom with cassette tapes, she poured over lyrics searching for ways to make the music as powerful for her mom and the deaf community as it was to her. Since September of 2003 she has premiered shows such as “Fierce - A CODA’s Perspective” and “Back to Mine - A Journey through the Twelve Steps.” She is currently working on a new show as well as a DVD project. In her free time, she likes to cook Cuban food and spend time with her family.

Mark Seeger


Mark is a manager with more than 25 years’ experience in public, private and non-profit sector endeavors. Seeger has maintained a Government Affairs and Interpreting Operations executive positions with CSD for the past five years, advocating on behalf of the largest non-profit organization for the deaf and hard of hearing in the world providing Video Relay Services. Mark focused primarily on regulatory issues shaping the VRS industry in the United States and abroad. He later acquired additional call center management responsibility for Texas Interpreting Operations including offices in Austin, El Paso and San Antonio along with Community Interpreting Operations in the Central Texas area for CSD.

Mary L. Mooney


Mary L. Mooney is a “fronterista” from the El Paso, Texas/New Mexico and Juarez Mexican border. She has been an interpreter educator at El Paso Community College (EPCC) since 1982. She has been a Deaf educator, language and curriculum specialist for 20years and a community based interpreter since 1980. She was a consultant to initiate a multilingual literacy project for Hispanic Deaf adults at EPCC; the interim coordinator for the Trilingual Interpreting Program at Santa Fe Community College. She was a founding member of Mano a Mano, Inc.; and serves on the DARS Trilingual Interpreter Task Force and current member of the PARG. She was the project director for the National Multicultural Interpreter Project from 1995-2000 that developed a national curriculum to produce interpreters to work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Michael Lee

Ph.D., M.Ed., B.S., A.A.S., BEI III

Michael Lee is a true native of Houston, Texas. He first became certified as an interpreter through TSID in 1978, then later TCDHH/BEI Level I for many years. Currently he holds a Level III interpreter certification from DARS/BEI. He is the director of the Interpreter Training Program at Houston Community College. He also does community as well as video relay interpreting. He holds an Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services, a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Design, and graduated August 3, 2007 with a Ph.D., in Community College Leadership.

Micki Baumgart


Micki Baumgart received her Associates degree from Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL, after completing their Interpreter Training Program in 1982. Her subsequent training includes a trip to Camp Mark VII in New York, a Silent Week with ASLIS in Seattle, WA and four consecutive summers attending the WSRID Summer Institute for Educational Interpreters. During her two years interpreting for the National Center on Deafness at CSUN, she was able to attend many beneficial workshops and served on the committee for the 2003 Interpreter Symposium there. Micki’s new vision is to become a motivational speaker, which has led her to develop and present workshops to her colleagues in the field of interpreting. Having now returned to her home state of Michigan with her 16-year-old son, Curry, Micki recently served a successful two year term as President of Michigan RID! She also serves as a Local Test Administrator for the RID National Testing System at Michigan’s new Super Site. Micki enjoys working full time at Sorenson VRS as well as freelancing and presenting workshops as often as possible.

Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas has been a professional interpreter for 37 years mostly as a freelancer. Currently she is working in corporate America and post-secondary education. TSID has always been close to her heart and she has served the organization in several positions over the years.

Pinky Aiello

Pinky was born in the Bronx , NY and currently lives in Portland , Oregon . Born Deaf, Pinky graduated from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in 1985.

Pinky has worked in New York City with a Deaf Dance group called Dancers, Theatre etc., in Cleveland at the Sign Stage Theatre, NTD's Little Theatre of the Deaf, at Universal Studio in Los Angeles , Six Flags and on TV. She is also one of a few professional Deaf women jugglers.

Pinky has traveled throughout the United States studying Deaf Culture and American Sign Language and is an enthusiastic supporter of Deaf-Hearing Team interpreting. Pinky recently starred in the DVD, "Pinky Tells The Real Story: Videophone & Video Relay Service" which explores the world of video relay interpreting from both the Deaf and interpreter perspectives with her own special brand of humor. Check it out on her website: and

Right now, she is touring full time as a Deaf entertainer/storytelling/presenter about VRS perspectives which she enjoys sharing with everyone.

Poorna Kushalnagar


Poorna Kushalnagar was born to a hearing family and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was mainstreamed and used sign language interpreters in the classroom. Following high school graduation, Dr. Kushalnagar went on to Gallaudet University where she received a B.A. in psychology. She also has a Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Houston. She completed Ph.D. requirements in Developmental Psychology with specialization in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Houston. She is currently doing her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington where she does research on quality of life among deaf and hard of hearing youths and adolescents.

Dr. Kushalnagar is the author of several articles, book chapter, and conference abstracts that relate to deaf professionals working with interpreters, parental depression and deaf child behavior, and impacts of neurological disorder on sign language communication. When not busy with academics, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her deaf husband and two hearing sons, ages 9 and 10.

Randi Turner


Randi Serves as the Communications Access Specialist at the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services - Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. She works with agencies and service providers regarding their obligations under disability civil rights laws, provides training to empower people who are deaf or hard of hearing with knowledge of their civil rights, and training for parents of children with hearing loss regarding their rights in the special education system. Randi also oversees the DHHS court interpreter training program and holds RID CI/CT and DHHS Level III interpreter certification.

Richard Brumberg


Richard Brumberg has been working in the field of interpreting since 1992. In 1997, he received his first RID certification and in 2005, he achieved dual certification. Though he has experience in various settings, his specialty is in educational settings from pre-K to high school in NY, NC and GA. In New York, Richard worked as a staff interpreter for a Deaf-owned interpreting agency and as an interpreter in the school systems. In North Carolina, he served on the board of Costal RID and Educational Liaison and worked to create ties between educational interpreters in the southeastern region of NC. He was also on the planning committee and interpreting team for the 2004 NCAD/NCRID Convention. While in Georgia, he was the educational liaison for a school in one county. Richard was also part of a team in conjunction with Georgia Department fo Education’s GDEAF program to help working educational interpreters obtain qualification or certification. He was one of the keynote presenters for Supporting Deaf People 2006, an online conference based in the United Kingdom. This past summer, he presented his paper at the World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Madrid, Spain. As of this date, Richard has presented in North Carolina, Nevada and Florida. Currently, Richard lives in Atlanta, GA and interprets full-time between elementary and a middle school.

Ryan Foley


Ryan Foley is an RID CI/CT certified interpreter who currently works for Sorenson VRS, as well as in the community. He has a BS in Business Management and has dedicated hundreds of hours to the understanding of cultural and ethical issues specific to interpreters. Having presented on the subjects and tutored individuals preparing to take written certification exams, he focuses on making complicated material easy to understand and immediately usable by interpreters and interpreting students.

Sergio Peña

Sergio Peña is a professional multilingual interpreter and instructor in four languages (ASL, English, LSM, and Spanish). He has worked and taught in a variety of translation settings: Platform, educational, community, medical and legal in both the USA and Mexico. Sergio has also taught a series of workshops regarding the Hispanic/Latino deaf community. Sergio is also the writer and coordinator of an ITP program in a University in Tijuana, Baja California. He is also a founder member of the first sign language interpreter organization in Mexico (ANILS). Sergio has also has written and been co-writer in professional published articles on the subject of Mexican Sign Language interpreting, gesturing in the Hispanic community, and teaching a language to the non-linguals.

Sonia Quintero

Sonia Quintero hails from Bogotá, Colombia SA and has a strong bilingual background working with persons with hearing loss as well as other major medical problems affecting their quality of life. She is currently a Deafness Resource Specialist working for Communication Axcess Ability Group CAAG of South Texas. She is responsible for addressing attitudinal and cultural barriers towards the needs of both the service population as the service providers. Her past experiences include positions as Case Manager, Resource Manager and Program Coordinator of several different programs for persons with brain injury and other disabilities. When in Colombia she was a President of Promadin, an agency dedicated to increasing the awareness of Special Education for persons with developmental disabilities. She was also a Speech Pathologist/Hearing Impaired Therapist. She was certified in Colombia as a Trilingual Spanish/English/American Sign Language Interpreter. Sonia has also held several appointments by the Governor of Texas and Virginia.

Tamara Moxham


Tamara Moxham was raised in a multi-cultural family in Southern New Hampshire. She attended the University of New Hampshire and later graduated from the ITP at NTID in 1993. She studied creative writing and storytelling at Emerson College in forest Row, England and has interpreted in Maine, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state. She graduated from Northeastern University’s Master Mentor Program in 2004 and has been mentoring ever since. She has published 2 books through Butte Publications of Hillsboro, Oregon. She and her husband live in Seattle Washington with their furry menagerie.

Tammie L. Carmichael

Tammie L. Carmichael was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised part of her life in Orange County, CA. She received a Certificate in Deaf Communications from Santa Ana Community College in 1985. Tammie went on to National Certification in 1998. She worked several years for a statewide substance abuse program for deaf and hard of hearing people in Michigan. Tammie has herself been in a 12-step program of recovery for many years. One of her goals is to shed light on the lack of quality services in the area of substance abuse recovery for the deaf and hard of hearing community. One way of doing that is to provide training and education on the 12-step recovery and rehabilitation process to other interpreters. She has two wonderful children and a very spoiled white boxer named Princess.

Yolanda Chavira

BEI III, Trilingual

Yolanda Chavira is currently a Staff Interpreter for DARS/Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. She has been interpreting professionally since 1990. Yolanda is the lead coordinator for the Hispanic Texas Trilingual Initiative test development being performed in partnership between DHHS and the University of Arizona; she is a member of the Panel of Experts for that project. She has been the force behind the DHHS Hispanic Task Force since 1997. She coordinated the DHHS sponsorship and the planning of training for 34 Hispanic trilingual interpreters held at the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, Big Spring, in July, 2007. She holds a Berlitz Test of Proficiency, Master’s Level. Yolanda also received an Advanced Plus Level certificate from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - Extension School, San Antonio, TX. She attended the University of Arizona Agnese Haury Institute for Court Interpretation training 2 years in a row and the Training of Trainers from the National Center for Interpretation Testing Research and Policy, Tucson, Arizona. She is the proud mother of 5 children one of whom is deaf.