Interpreting in VR Settings: VR as Federally Mandated System and the Impact on Interpreters (Sponsored by DARS DHHS)

The purpose of this session is to provide interpreter practitioners with a holistic view of vocational rehabilitation as a system.  This systems thinking approach focuses on increasing an interpreter’s knowledge and understanding of the history and development of the VR system with particular attention to the VR process and creation of a common framework for discussing terms and concepts specific to the field of rehabilitation.  The learner will gain a historical perspective on the development of the VR service system, including the state/federal relationship, the VR process, and the role of VR legislation in interpreter education.


This curriculum was created by the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Mid America Interpreter Education Center of the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers in collaboration with Western Regional Interpreter Education Center through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration.



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