[Video description: a narrator is signing to the camera with a wood panel wall behind her. The narrator is Kaety Bays, a white female wearing a black t-shirt with blue letters on the top right side “America Sign Language” in a circle around “ASL”.Kaety: “Hello, everyone!”

Black text appears at the top right of the screen,
“Kaety Bays
Student SIG Chair”

Kaety: “My name is Kaety Bays and I am the Student SIG Chair for TSID. Our annual student conference is coming up soon in Hurst, TX, near the Dallas area.

Tarrant County College-Trinity River Campus will be hosting us all day on Tuesday, June 19th. We will have wonderful workshops, a panel with Deaf professionals, and an exciting event in the evening: casino game night! That’ll be fun, I’m looking forward to that!

The next day, Wednesday, June 20th, we will join the regular conference at the Hurst Conference Center. We will be learning about intersectionality and social justice. I’d like to remind you that if you haven’t yet, to please register soon!

Also, both days of student conference are completely free, including dinner Tuesday night. Please sign up soon, and I look forward to seeing you soon! Bye!”

The video cuts to a white background showing text, “TSID 2018” and the conference logo below. The conference logo is a bulb with an open red box inside. The text below the conference logo is, “Unpacking. Understanding. Uniting.” Then, “woocommerce-185608-546998.cloudwaysapps.com” fades into the middle of the logo. The video ends.]

TSID is committed to reinforcing the professional growth of the students of our profession! In planning this year’s conference, we decided to support students in connecting with working professionals by inviting them to attend the opening day of conference, Wednesday, June 20, 2018 for FREE! We have also offered a reduced rate for those choosing to attend the full conference. Register here: https://tsidconference.org/register. We encourage students to become members of the Student SIG (Special Interest Group) which traditionally meets during conference (this year it will be at 12:30pm on Wednesday, June 20.) Further, throughout the conference, there will be a designated check in point for students to ask questions or seek guidance in making the most of conference!

Additional Student Opportunity

In addition, the DFW area is fortunate enough to have two (2) local sign language interpreter training programs. Those ITPs have collaborated with ITPs around the state to offer a companion conference all day Tuesday, June 19, at the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus in Fort Worth, less than 30 minutes away from the conference location, also FREE! Students may register for this separate event by scanning the QR code on the flyer below or by completing this google form: https://goo.gl/forms/fniaDemREWEF7r7D3.

Student Conference Flyer

Student Conference Flyer

[Image Description: Colorful flyer introducing presenters for the TSID Student Conference shows the headshots of three presenters across the top: at the top left surrounded with bright green is an image of a white male with reddish hair wearing a blue button down collared shirt covered with a white lab coat labeled “Dr. Chris Moreland”, the top center block surrounded in bright yellow is an image of an African American woman with short cropped hair smiling broadly at the camera wearing a black suit labeled “Gwen Bennett”, and in the top right corner, surrounded in red, is an image of a white woman with shoulder-length dark blonde hair and glasses, also smiling cheerfully at the camera wearing a green turtleneck sweater labeled “Rhonda Mckinzie”.

The next third of the flyer is split in half with the left side showing white and black text on a blue background which reads:

June 19, 2018
Tarrant County College-Trinity River Campus
Fort Worth, TX”

The right half in smaller black text on a bright green background reads:
Registration – 8:30am
1st Workshop – 10am-12pm
Lunch – 12pm-1pm
2nd Workshop – 1pm-3pm
Panels – 3pm-5pm
Pizza and SIG Meeting – 5pm-6:30pm
Social & Deaf “Casino” Game Night – 6:30pm – 8:30pm”

The bottom third of the flyer is split into thirds: the first section surrounded by red is the image of a smiling Biracial Black and Filipino male with an amused expression dressed in a blue striped suit with a grey tie labeled “Jeremy Norman”. The second block at the bottom center has a yellow background with black text reading “To Register, Scan QR Code:” with a digital QR Code below. The last block on the bottom right, surrounded in bright blue is a white female with wavy blonde hair smiling at the camera, wearing a grey suit, labeled “Lauri Metcalf”.]

Presenter Bios

Dr. Chris Moreland‘s “Planning to Interpret in the Healthcare World: Perspectives from a Deaf Doctor

Christopher Moreland, MD MPH, is an academic hospitalist and associate clinical professor at UT Health San Antonio. Along with working with patients, he teaches medical students and residents and serves as an associate residency program director. His research interests center on healthcare workforce diversity and health disparities affecting the deaf and limited English proficient populations

Gwen Bennett‘s “Building Confidence

Gwen Bennett holds the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and Specialist Certification: Legal (SC:L) from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and is certified is by the State of Texas as a Level III Sign Language Interpreter, and Certified Court Interpreter. She holds a Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Government & Politics, A.A.S. in Interpreting, and an A.A.S. in Legal Assisting. Ms. Bennett is currently a law student at the UNT Dallas College of Law, where, in the Fall, she will begin her third year of studies. In addition to her 10 years’ experience as a legal assistant, over 8 years’ experience in city administration, and over 6 years’ experience in general business administration, Gwen has 20 years of professional interpreting experience, and currently works as a freelance interpreter, specializing in court/legal settings, and works as a video relay interpreter. (MPA, NIC, BEI III & CIC)

Lauri Metcalf‘s Practice vs. Performance

Lauri Metcalf is the chair of the American Sign Language, Interpreting, World Languages, ESL and International Studies at San Antonio College. Before coming to San Antonio, Lauri taught at the University of Denver, Metropolitan State University, Texas Woman’s University and DeKalb College. She was a member of the Texas Board for Evaluation of Interpreters from ’95 to 2007 and served as Chairperson for 11 years. Since 2009, Lauri has worked as a consultant with the National Center on Interpretation at the University of Arizona in the test development and the certification of interpreters. Lauri has served as the Coordinator and Lead Instructor for numerous Summer Institutes. She travels throughout Texas and other states presenting Texas and other states presenting workshops and training for Interpreters.

Jeremy Norman‘s “Keep Your Soft Skills Sharp”

I am a Texas BEI Advanced Certified Interpreter and currently work as an freelance interpreter. I am also the President of the East Texas Guild of Interpreters for the Deaf. I have spent over 15 years working in a management capacity for companies that place high priority on effective teamwork and providing an excellent customer experience. I also spent several years hiring, training and mentoring employees in those areas

Rhonda McKinzie‘s “Putting Yourself First So You Can Last: Tips for Interpreters

Rhonda McKinzie is the Department Chair of Tyler Junior College’s Interpreter Training Program. She has a BS in Deaf Ed. and an M.S. in Counseling. She holds a TX BEI Master/Court certification and has over 39 years experience interpreting in a variety of settings including mental health, medical, court/legal, VRS, religious, artistic, large venues & many others. She has experience teaching adult Deaf literacy classes and courses in the field of interpreting as well as a variety of psychology/counseling/addiction related courses at TJC and UT Tyler. Rhonda is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and Evaluator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. In addition, she leads retreats and facilitates a variety of workshops for various groups. Her husband is a nutritionist and conservative chiropractor who has experience treating patients with interpreting-related injuries while incorporating various healthcare professionals on the treatment team. As part of workforce readiness skills training, she uses this knowledge and experience to incorporate “self-care and soft-skills” throughout TJC’s ITP. Part of “soft skills” is knowing your limits & taking care of yourself so you can have a long healthy career! Rhonda will share some tips to help you on your journey.