We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 2024 TSID Conference in just a few days!!

This conference is going to be one of our BIGGEST ever! In fact, as you’ve seen, the Banquet is SOLD OUT!! We appreciate your patience as we navigate the conference space!

More to come…. and if you have any questions please email 2024@tsidconference.org and we’ll do our best to answer them ASAP!!

Below are some FAQs you may be interested in:

  • What is the conference theme?
    • Western Elegance – TSID Celebrating 60 years of Excellence!
  • What should we wear to the Banquet?
    • come as Western and / or as Elegant as you want
  • What is the language of the conference?
    • ASL!! Please remember to be respectful to everyone and use ASL in conference spaces!! In fact, for those pledging to adhere to using ASL, we have a special surprise for you at the registration table!!
  • What about parking?
    • $15 for valet parking. If you choose to self-park or if the valet lots are full, you may park on the street. After 5 pm and on the weekend, or in the A&M parking lot, parking free!
  • Does the hotel offer free wifi?
    • Yes! When you check in they will give you the code.
  • Is there construction in the area?
    • Yes! (What road in Texas doesn’t have construction, right? Ugh!) but, yes… you may turn on Commerce from Lancaster! The hotel is at the southeast corner of downtown Fort Worth at Commerce and Lancaster.