Forensic Listening: TOWNHALL Meeting – ARE WE LISTENING?


Taught by Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon

ASL with no ASL to English interpretation

CEU:0.3, BEI Category:Interpreting (I.), RID Category:PS

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Taught by Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon


Workshop Synopsis: I have interpreted several Townhall Meetings, and each occasion I feel this type of workshop environment would allow us to ask and listen to the inquiry around us. What question has not been asked for you? Ask others. Ask yourself again when quiet. For some of us, this is a time of sheer turmoil. For others, loneliness and complete boredom, for some the best opportunity ever since starting to attend workshops. The DEAF community has stepped up and they are the perfect presenter for this moment. How are we retaining their lessons? Have we personally approached a specific Deaf Professional, and said, “Let’s barter services”? Sharon Neumann-Solow recently held a workshop, simply stating “What are our concerns”? She requested interpreters send in their questions and concerns and she discussed the issues during the scheduled webinar. It was perfect! This workshop is similar in discussion concerns, only You aregoing to ask and You are going to answer – ‘YOU’ being the community.


Presenter Bio: Bonnie Faye has been interpreting for 45 years, presenting for 35 years. Her agency, Pula Legal Interpreting (1997), specializes in court and tri-lingual assignments in Mental Health environments (which opened new perspectives on presenting ethics). Bonnie is a Licensed Practitioner/Chaplin- (2007). Starting in educational interpreting (EEC- 1975), as a freelance interpreter (1982), in the courts (1999) and VRS (2004), presently the team trial interpreter with Deaf Prosecutor (2010). Bonnie brings laughter and activities to her workshops. Get ready to open up, laugh and appreciate new ways of learning interpreting skills!