Forensic Listening: Unleashed


Taught by Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon

ASL with no ASL to English interpretation

CEU:0.3, BEI Category:Interpreting (I.), RID Category:PS

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Taught by Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon

Workshop Synopsis: Look at how much information is being distributed and shared. My question is HOW MUCH IS RETAINED?? I recently monitored a “cognitive challenge”! For me it was an amazing learning experience. From the Deaf Instructor admistering the test, to the Author that created the curriculum, and to the students who themselves were asked to articulate the ‘learned information’ – the results were hilarious! And that experience brough me and the instructor closer, both teaching completely differently now – because throwing information at you does not mean you learn, much less listen.


Presenter Bio: Bio: Bonnie Faye has been interpreting for 45 years, presenting for 35 years. Her agency, Pula Legal Interpreting (1997), specializes in court and tri-lingual assignments in Mental Health environments (which opened new perspectives on presenting ethics). Bonnie is a Licensed Practitioner/Chaplin- (2007). Starting in educational interpreting (EEC- 1975), as a freelance interpreter (1982), in the courts (1999) and VRS (2004), presently the team trial interpreter with Deaf Prosecutor (2010). Bonnie brings laughter and activities to her workshops. Get ready to open up, laugh and appreciate new ways of learning interpreting skills!