A Study in Interpreting Ethics

In the first section of this workshop, the facilitator will introduce the basic concepts of the Demand Control Schema . The facilitator will then introduce specific terminology and begin simple situational analysis 1 through examples using the DC-S principles. Each situation discussed will be more intricate, as participants learn to identify the various demands, Environmental,…

Mastery Of Meaning

“This workshop will address the very heart of interpreting: Meaning. How do we manage the finer shades of meaning, address subtleties found in language and express the unspoken? As interpreters, we determine meaning through a combination of factors such as context, intonation, intent, setting, and other linguistic features. To accurately interpret we must look past…

Interpreting in Higher Education: Navigating the Next Level

“Have you ever thought about working in post-secondary education? Have you wondered if you could really interpret those classes? You can! It may take some preparation and we can figure that out together. Join me as we discuss the how’s, why’s, and ethics of working in post-secondary settings.” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dlgH-tCHq9fWxKllZdg4yYgwvtAxrY1g/view?usp=drive_web Evaluation Link: https://forms.gle/WtaW6W5k9Bm1VYFk7

Right or Wrong: Making Decisions in Legal Interpreting Work

“This workshop will explore ethical decision making pertaining to legal and courtroom  settings. We will discuss how and what makes legal interpreting unique yet applicable to  other genres of interpreting. Legal documents such as the guilty plea, the Miranda Warning, and others will be analyzed for interpreting implications.  “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBZTDAvJGlw Evaluation Link: https://forms.gle/ntgnn7PfxFimgH9XA

How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Work in Legal Settings?

“A theme in many basic interpreter education programs involves teaching language skills and orienting students to the Deaf community. Often, student interpreters are told to avoid legal interpreting at all costs. Understandably, instructors want students to learn solid language and interpreting skills before entering this high-risk setting. However, many qualified generalist interpreters never take the…