A Study in Interpreting Ethics

A Study in Interpreting Ethics

Jusin LeeCENTURY 1

In the first section of this workshop, the facilitator will introduce the basic concepts of the Demand Control Schema . The facilitator will then introduce specific terminology and begin simple situational analysis 1 through examples using the DC-S principles. Each situation discussed will be more intricate, as participants learn to identify the various demands, Environmental, Interpersonal, Paralinguistic, and Intrapersonal, in each situation and discuss possible responses, or controls, and the consequences of each possible response. In the second section, the facilitator will provide the participants with a scenario that each participant will analyze following the DC-S framework introduced in the first section. Each participant will complete a worksheet, identifying the possible demands, their list of possible controls, rank their controls on the Liberal Conservative Spectrum, and identify possible consequences for each control, and weigh each of their controls with the Code of Professional Conduct. The third and final section will guide the participants through analyzing one of their own ethical dilemma. The participants will analyze their dilemma at length and apply all of the concepts and techniques learned using a provided template. At the completion of the webinar, participants will submit their completed worksheets and webinar evaluation to the presenter in order to receive credit for the webinar.


Evaluation LInk: https://forms.gle/ibRZDd2C8MgabxrZA

Thu 1:00 pm - 4:15 pm
English, Pending 0.3 CEU