Educational Interpreters…Really? The Value of Educational Interpreters

Educational Interpreters...Really? The Value of Educational Interpreters

Alaina WebbCORPS

"Educational interpreters often get a bad rap, but the reasons people cite are often not supported by facts. When interpreters, and consequently interpreting students, hear the term “educational interpreter” the most common response is negative. But why? Those who work in a K-12 educational setting have some of the most demanding, most rewarding, highest-impact jobs in the field. These are the interpreters who literally have the future in their hands. Educational interpreters often serve as the first language model a deaf child has, and helps shape that child’s understanding of how to use an interpreter, how to understand the world around him, and share in the complexities of his entire education. Interpreter training programs send interns to observe and work with educational interpreters, so these same interpreters are helping shape the future of our field. It is time to take a critical and realistic look at educational interpreting and rediscover the value of this field. This workshop explores the misconceptions surrounding educational interpreting and the reality and value of the job. Participants will work in small groups to discuss different perspectives of K-12 interpreting, and help reshape and rediscover the value this role has. Topics for discussion will also include the requirements of being an educational interpreter, the roles and responsibilities of an educational interpreter, and how to work with peers and interns to pave the way for a stronger future for this much needed part of the interpreting profession."

Sat 8:45 am - 12:00 pm
English, Pending 0.3 CEU