Frankenstein’s Monster: Creating a Visual Representation of the Body’s Organ Systems

Frankenstein's Monster: Creating a Visual Representation of the Body's Organ Systems

Todd AganCENTURY 4

"This session will be highly interactive. We will begin with a brief knowledge test of human anatomy, given in an IRAT/GRAT format. Next, participants will break up into several small groups and will rotate through a variety of stations, each dedicated to a particular organ system. At each station, participants will review the various parts and structures of the system, and create a visual means of not only explaining the function of each system, but show the various structures/parts and their relation to each other. Participants will rotate through the various stations, and in the end will have a way to, in ASL, describe/talk about major structures of the body. Participants will create their Frankenstein’s Monster using an “open book” approach. Presenter will have various models and books that participants can use to formulate their descriptions; additionally participants may use any and all information they find on the internet. "

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Sat 8:45 am - 12:00 pm
ASL*, Pending 0.3 CEU