Alania Webb

Ms. Webb holds BEI Master, Level IV and Court certifications. She has been an active interpreter in the Dallas /Fort Worth area for many years.  For the past 15 years she has been and Interpreter Educator for Tarrant County College and presents workshops for various groups.

Anna Wohlmuth

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Ann Wohlmuth credits her mother with encouraging her to take American Sign Language at Harper Community College while still in high school. After attending Illinois State University for Deaf Education, French, and Math, Ms. Wohlmuth later followed her love of socio- linguistics to Columbia College in Chicago where she graduated with a degree in ASL<>English Interpretation. In 2005, with a heavy work background in legal secretarial and light paralegal work, Ann started her training in the field of legal interpretation under the DOIT Center in the University of Northern Colorado. To present, Ms. Wohlmuth has accumulated over 400 hours of training related to sign language interpretation in court. In 2007, Ann started working for the Circuit Court of Cook County, which boasts the largest unified court system in the world with a total of 14 courthouses spread throughout the county. In 2012, Ann became the Supervisor of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Access for the Circuit Court. Currently, the DHHA team has a staff of 2 ASL<>English Interpreters and 1 Certified Deaf Interpreter. As one of her personal professional goals, Ms. Wohlmuth strives to expand the pool of qualified legal interpreters with cultural competency and native fluency.

Audrey Ulloa

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Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon

Bonnie Faye Gibson-Brydon, CI/CT, NAD V, ALSP (MA)    presented her first workshop in 1980. She carries an intuitive awareness, understanding this field has its own unique joys and contentment. In 1975, Bonnie started interpreting at El Camino College establishing the SRC’s first mentoring program. She left in 1996 to begin her career as a freelance interpreter. She founded Pula Legal Interpreting Network (ASL agency) in 1997. Her legal work began with depositions and she was hired into the Los Angeles courts in 2001. In 2004 she left the courts to finish her BA and MA and later while working in VRS as it offered flexibility allowing for school and profession, became a Licensed Practitioner (Chaplin – 2007). Presently, she is back in the Santa Ana courts working with a Deaf District Attorney as her  trial team interpreter, and Bonnie is always still learning anew! In 2010 she established her “Mentorshops”TM working with tri-lingual and ASL interpreters allowing a safe environment for questions and professional growth. In 2017 she founded Grow Professionally, an interpreter training opportunities. Some of her mentees have been with her for over five years. She has gained VALUABLE insights from the interpreters she has worked with which have developed her comprehension and heart-felt understanding. Her goal as a presenter is to laugh and enjoy the process of growth and to listen!

Buddy Bauer

Kile Buddy Bauer, M.Ed, CI/CT, Doctoral student.  Assistant Professor/Program Director, Howard College, Big Spring, TX, 2010-present

Charlene Crump

Charlene Crump, NAD Level IV Advanced, RID CI/CT, Alabama Licensed Interpreter and QMHI.  She has many awards and certificates. Is a current Board member and Past President of ADARA.  She is currently the State Coordinator, Interpreting Access and Training Services for the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Cory McMahon

Cory holds NIC and BEI Advanced certifications. Has held jobs as several different schools for the Deaf as dorm supervisors and interpreter. He has worked for video relay services as well as various interpreting agencies.  He has interpreted in many settings and is currently the director of interpreting services for Masterword in Houston, Tx.

Diana Tupua

Diana Tupua has worked as and ASL instructor, tutor for ASLPI, as a ParaEducator in various classrooms with various ages.  She is currently employed at Manhattan Beach Unified School District in California as a ParaEducator working with Deaf/HH students and is faculty at El Camino College teaching ASL, Fingerspelling / numbers and Perspectives on Deafness.

Doug Dittfurth

Doug Dittfurth, M.Ed holds BEI Level III and Court certifications. His Masters degree is in Counseling and Education – psychometrics. He has held many positions with the past 20 years with the state of Texas at the Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and the Dept. of State Health Services.  He is owner of deSign Consulting Services providing interpreter training, interpreting services and psychological testing services.

June Pruask

June Prusak is a native user of American Sign Language and second generation Deaf. In 1993, She earned her BA degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Gallaudet University. Prior to becoming a Certified Deaf Interpreter, she worked as a Youth Program Coordinator, where she worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. In 2005, she obtained her Certified Deaf Interpreter credential. In addition, she obtained her Conditional Legal Interpreting Permit-Relay in 2009. Currently, she works as a staff CDI and Coordinator at the Circuit Court of Cook County. June has more than 400 hours of specialized legal interpreter training and has participated in the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Center’s Legal Interpreters’ Train the Trainers program. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and being one with nature!

Katie Murch

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Laura Cole

Laura Cole graduated from Gallaudet University in 1998 with her MSW and has been an Independent Contractor for over 20 years.  She has also been an adjunct professor teaching ASL and interpreting for Lexington Community College, Lone Star Cy-Fair College, and Texas Tech University.  After mentoring numerous interpreters as they began their own businesses, Laura decided to create this workshop to share the information with a larger audience.  As a Life Mastery Consultant, she believes anyone can run their own business, improve their personal life and live a life they love.

Laurie Metcalf

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Ludmila Golovine

Born and raised in Russia, Mila began her career in interpreting and translation at the United Nations in New York.  She later moved to Houston, Texas and began the language services company Masterword. She has served as the CEO of Masterword for the past 26 years providing translation and interpreting services in over 250 languages to customers world wide.  

Mike Elliot

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Phillip Guillory

Phillip Guillory, MS, CCC-SLP, NIC       Education

MS in Communication Disorders and Sciences, emphasis in Speech Language Pathology

California State University, Northridge ▪︎ Northridge, CA ▪︎ May 2010

BS in Signed Language Interpreting (December 2006)

BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences (May 2006)

University of New Mexico ▪︎ Albuquerque, NM

Honors: Magna Cum Laude


Certificate of Clinical Competence – Speech Language Pathology (June 2011)

National Interpreting Certificate – Certified (June 2009)

Educational Interpreting Proficiency Assessment – 3.4 (July 2007)

Randi Turner

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Roger Brown

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Ruth De Jesus

Ruth de Jesus is a certified Trilingual Advanced interpreter. She has an Associate of Arts Language and Cultural Studies in Spanish and an Associate of Arts in English. She has worked in various types of settings such as VRS, medical, educational, and conference interpreting. Ruth has presented her trilingual workshops at TSID and TAHIT. She is currently the SIG Chair for the TSID Trilingual SIG and the representative for Region 4 for Mano a Mano Unidos.

Ryan Vasquez

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Sammie Sheppard

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Tracey Huguley

Tracey Huguley, MA, CODA, RID/NAD Master, ASL Interpreter since 1994.    My research interests are in asking the questions of how culture and language intersect and how can ASL interpreters who have little or no experience with the Deaf culture gain insight, awareness, and knowledge of the Deaf culture.

Vikee Waltrip

Ms. Waltrip grew up in the “backyard” of Hollywood. She has worked in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist, wardrobe supervisor, improvisation and travels the country as a stand-up comedienne and actress. She also provides training to other Deaf actors and students at various Deaf Schools.  In between jobs she even works as an Uber driver.

Virginia Getz

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William Ross

William Ross III holds various certifications including RID CI/CT.  He has a Bachelors in Deaf Ministry and a Masters in Special Education.  He is presently the Curriculum Development Specialist at Deaf Bible Society in Arlington, Texas. He is a newly transplanted Texan and is excited to present at TSID.