Breaking Into Trilingual Interpreting: Learning the Steps for a Successful Start

Because the Hispanic/Latino Community has become the largest ethnic minority in the US, there is a growing need for well-trained and qualified interpreters working in Spanish influenced settings.  Moreover, students desiring to pursue trilingual interpreting may not have a clear understanding how this practice is carried out, what protocols to follow, or even how to seek training.

Participants will be guided through Spanish influenced settings that require services of a trilingual interpreter.  There will be a discussion of specific academic and professional training needed to work within this specialty field.  The Presenter will share information and resources that will help students to prepare for a successful career in the field.   Participants will leave the session understanding trilingual interpreting, how to find resources, and how to prepare for the BEI Texas Trilingual Test.  Workshop presented in Spoken English and Spanish. ( STUDENT CONFERENCE)


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